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Introduction and transition to IPv6

In the near future we all face the transition from the current IPv4 to the new IPv6 protocol. In practice, delay of this transition is not due to the cost, but the lack of knowledge and experience with IPv6.

In preparation for your transition to IPv6, it is important to gain knowledge of the new IPv6 protocol. The workshop of IPv6Security is an excellent opportunity to gain this knowledge. In the workshop, both the organizational processes and technological innovations are discussed. If you have no IPv6 experience yet, you will make your first steps on the new IPv6 based internet. During the practical exercise you will configure and use IPv6.
A good start to prepare for the transition, where IPv6Security is able to assist you with.

Workshop: Introduction to IPv6 – Technology – Security – Hands-on

  • “Introduction Why IPv6 is needed”
  • “Why do you want IPv6?”
  • “What are the differences between IPv4 and IPv6?”
  • “What are enhancements in IPv6?”
  • “What security issues does IPv6 have?”
  • “What are the IPv6 architecture and design options?”
  • “How do I migrate to IPv6?”
  • “IPv6 and infrastructure services like DNS, DHCP”
  • “IPv6 and the application landscape”
  • “Configure an IPV6 network”
  • “Troubleshooting an IPv6 network”
  • “Compromising an IPv6 netwerk”
  • “How to gain additional IPv6 knowledge”

The IPv6 workshop is intended for IT professionals who are conceptually or technically involved in the development or maintenance posture of network infrastructures. Coming decades because we make the transition to the IPv6 protocol. After attending the workshop the participants understands the changes that IPv6 will bring to their environment. This allows him/her to develop a migration scenario for the organization, supervise or execute on it.
Knowledge of the current IPv4-based Internet Protocol is a plus.

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