Feedback from a student who followed the #IPv6 workshop

“3th April 2012 is an historical day for me (Rob van der Lubbe) and for Croon, I made my first IPV6 connection to the Internet.

My first Internet IPv6 web browse was to the site and the second site was ,this side confirmed that I was using an IPv6 address!!

I setup a 6to4 Tunnel Broker connection to the site, I used a simple Cisco 831 router with IPv6 configured en startup to make a tunnel to Sixxs .

On the LAN Ethernet side I configured IPv6 so I can route to the tunnel, I connected a Notebook on the LAN, configured on the Notebook only a DNS IPv6 address and I was able to Internet!!

Special thanks to Ferry Kemps of, who give the knowledge in the training of IPv6!!”

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