Why should organizations start planning and deploying IPv6 connectivity now?
Lets collaborate on that and help them. Send me your arguments!
(arguments listed in no particular order)

    “Reputation impact will be low to none when service offering over IPv6 is not flawless, due to current limited IPv6 connected customer community. This will not be the  case in the near future when the mass is IPv6 connected, so take the chance while you still can.” (Ferry)
    “Adoption and transition to IPv6 will likely happen in the near future (less than 5 years), which means that new equipment requires support for IPv6. You will be able to transition on a economic attractive way, if there is a plan.” (Ferry)
    “Customers will move to IPv6 by them selves or through ISP transition. Marketing statistics will be impacted or become useless when staying on IPv4. Statistics will list for example thousands of IPv6 users as a single IPv4 user, due to IPv6-t0-IPv4 address translation. A single IPv6 user will become untraceable” (Ferry)
    “Being able to adopt to modern technology will increase your imago and will have a positive effect on attracting customers and employees. Setting competition behind.” (Ferry)
    “Organizations should prepare themselves for the IPv6 transition rather than ignoring it due to a lack of knowledge. That way they find out what infrastructure and application changes are needed,  to assure services delivery to their customers.” (Ferry)

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