Use these third party tools to perform basic #IPv6 operations. From converting IPv4 addresses to 128-bit notation, to looking IPv6 WHOIS lookups.

IPv4 to IPv6 Mapper Maps a valid IPv4 address into IPv6 address notation
IPv6 CIDR to Range Tool Information about a range of IPv6 addresses using CIDR notation
Range to IPv6 CIDR Tool Information about a given range of IPv6 addresses, using CIDR notation
IPv6 Compressor Tool Removes empty octects from an expanded IPv6 address
IPv6 Expander Tool Expands a compressed IPv6 address into its full 128-bit notation
IPv6 WHOIS Lookup Tool A complete set of IPv6 address information
Local IPv6 Range Generator Generates global IDs, subnet IDs, and the valid IPv6 range of addresses


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